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Juna Ease Drops 1,200 mg + CBG – An Excellent CBD Alcohol Alternative

Looking for a CBD alcohol alternative? Replace a  weeknight sauvignon blanc with Juna Ease CBD tincture for relaxation and the results might surprise you! It’s autumn 2021 and the cold weather, comfort food and hot toddies are just around the corner. I’m still leaning into the summer’s sauvignon blanc to relax but am finding that …

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PLUS balance CBD Infused Gummies - Annie's CBD Guide

PLUS Gummies Balance Review

Precise, Convenient, Delicious. I was looking for something to help with hip pain (bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis oh my!), the occasional headache (sauvignon blanc why!?) and general gut issues (just, life). Taking a pill would be the most convenient thing but ibuprofen and naproxen sodium are hard on my gut, which is why I wanted to …

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juna BALANCE - Annie's CBD Guide

Juna BALANCE Review

Calm and Focused. Thanks to all things 2020 I’ve been having a little trouble with focus and random state-of-the world anxiety. Sauvingon Blanc can only help so much so I decided to see if Juna BALANCE a 300 milligram CBD tincture, could help me stay calm and focused during my long pandemic days. I picked …

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