Juna Ease Drops 1,200 mg + CBG – An Excellent CBD Alcohol Alternative

Looking for a CBD alcohol alternative? Replace a  weeknight sauvignon blanc with Juna Ease CBD tincture for relaxation and the results might surprise you!

It’s autumn 2021 and the cold weather, comfort food and hot toddies are just around the corner. I’m still leaning into the summer’s sauvignon blanc to relax but am finding that the sugar is bad for my waistline and terrible for my sleep. Add to that the growing menopause belly and I’m looking for a healthier way to relax and unwind as the weeknights get longer and the days get shorter. 

Today we’re talking about CBD tinctures for relaxation and how they can fit into a healthy weeknight winddown routine.

Juna Ease Lifestyle
Juna Ease is an excellent CBD tincture for relaxtion.

How CBD tinctures help with relaxation

First, CBD, short for cannabidiol (canna-bih-diol) is a non intoxicating element of both the cannabis and hemp plants and unlike it’s cousin THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (te-tra-hy-dro-can-na-bi-nol) CBD will NOT get you high, but daily CBD support can help you relax.

When we’re worried or stressed our bodies have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and CBD works with our bodies to inhibit cortisol production. Which in turn helps reduce stress responses like racing thoughts, tight shoulders and that icky wound to tight feeling.

When CBD is added to a tincture, meaning a liquid product that is meant to be taken sublingually or “under the tongue” it can be absorbed into the bloodstream as quickly as 15 – 20 minutes. Making CBD tinctures an ideal delivery method to address systemic issues like tension and anxiety and promote relaxation.

How to use CBD as an alcohol alternative

There are many ways to use CBD to relax but one of my 2021 favorites is to use a CBD tincture as an alcohol alternative. So instead of a sugary glass of wine that will just grow the menopause belly and ruin my sleep later, I’ll take a CBD tincture for relaxation like Juna EASE, to help me unwind from the day in a healthier, low sugar way. 

With 1200 mgs of CBD, Juna EASE is a keto-friendly full spectrum CBD tincture made with organic hemp extract and an antioxidant blend of turmeric, lemon balm, bergamot, sweet orange and vanilla in an MCT oil base. Juna EASE also contains the rare cannabinoid CBG, short for cannabigerol (canna-big-er-all), also known as “the mother of all cannabinoids”. Studies suggest some potential with CBG for menopause belly relief due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it could help address gut inflammation and just maybe help me deal with all those yummy fall comfort foods and drinks!  

How to find the right CBD dosage for you 

Juna Ease Dosage
Juna EASE has an excellent measured dropper so you can clearly see how much CBD tincture you’re taking.

CBD dosing is not one size fits all so figuring out how much of a new CBD tincture to take involves some experimentation.  Take too little and you may not feel any effect, take too much and you can either feel overmedicated (aka tired) or you’re just wasting precious CBD. The best way I’ve found to find your right CBD dosage is to take a small amount of CBD tincture, say ¼ dropper, at the same time for three days and see how you feel, no effect? Increase the dose to ½ dropper for three days, and so on until you find the perfect dose of daily CBD support for you.

Juna EASE has a measured dropper so you can clearly see how much CBD tincture you’re taking.

Personally, I like about ¾ of a dropper of Juna EASE under the tongue for a quick dose of CBD for relaxation. The taste is rich and lemony and after about 10 – 20 minutes I notice that the tension of the day has melted away and that I’m looking forward to making a healthy dinner.

But, if you’re looking for a milder effect AND want that cocktail experience, adding a ½ dropper of Juna EASE to your favorite fizzy water with a slice of lemon or orange is a fun and delicious way to get the benefits of a CBD alcohol alternative. Keep in mind that your CBD mocktail is now a CBD Edible which means it has to go all the way through the digestive tract and can take up to 90 minutes to feel the effects.


Full Spectrum Hemp ExtractExpensive
Certified OrganicThe lemon is strong/ you do have to like lemon (which I do!)
Contains CBG
Measured dropper for precise dosing
Clearly labeled packaging and informative online experience
Third-party tested
Woman-owned company!

About Juna

Juna is a woman owned company, founded by two California mom’s. All Juna products are full spectrum, certified organic CBD and come from hemp farms that use regenerative practices to protect biodiversity and the entire ecosystem and they’ve pledged to donate 1% of their collective profits to support the people and organizations that have supported this incredibly powerful and giving plant long before legalization.

Juna EASE an excellent CBD Tincture for Relaxation

Juna EASE is 1200 mg CBD tincture that tastes great, works quickly and has been third party tested. It’s a perfect CBD tincture to use as an alcohol alternative for a healthy weeknight wind down. The measured dropper makes precise dosing of daily CBD support easy and reliable. I highly recommend it!

Visit Juna World for more info, pricing, and to order online.

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