Hi, I’m Annie. I’d like to help you learn more about CBD and make smarter, more informed product choices.

Annie’s reviews were what I needed to start navigating the world of CBD products safely and effectively.

– Heather

How I got started on this path

My journey to CBD started in 2016 when, after more than 15 years on proton pump inhibitors for chronic heartburn, I was diagnosed with SIBO and spent the next year searching for ways to repair my gut. Living in California I was lucky enough to have access to CBD gummies and quickly found they were the best way to care for my sad tummy.

That discovery led me to working with Octavia Wellness, a cannabis startup focused on helping seniors interested in CBD and cannabis products. There I learned about using CBD for insomnia, pain, and anxiety and the importance of proper CBD dosing. After Octavia was acquired by Caliva I was lucky enough to be a part of the team that opened Well by Caliva, a San Carlos, CA storefront devoted to high quality hemp-based CBD products for sleep, anxiety and beauty.

I’m not a medical professional, but based on my experience friends and family across the country kept asking me for advice on using CBD for insomnia, minor aches and pains, anxiety and menopause so I decided to create this blog, to gather my reviews and recommendations in one place. My goal is to provide real, first hand information on the CBD products that I use to improve my own health and in turn help people curious about CBD become better informed.

The process I use to select CBD products to review is pretty straightforward:

  1. The product or brand must have COA’s (certificate of analysis) available on their website
  2. The product must use either USA hemp or organically certified European Hemp
  3. My reviews are personally based and will explore whatever I’m dealing with and hoping this product can help me with
  4. The Experience – Taste, texture, smell, how much do they recommend taking, how much did I take, when was onset and how long did it last?
  5. The Packaging – because 20 years in CPG made me a package geek and I’m proud of it!