Juna BALANCE Review

Calm and Focused.

Thanks to all things 2020 I’ve been having a little trouble with focus and random state-of-the world anxiety. Sauvingon Blanc can only help so much so I decided to see if Juna BALANCE a 300 milligram CBD tincture, could help me stay calm and focused during my long pandemic days. I picked Juna because all of their products are full spectrum CBD and have been third party tested so I know I’m getting all the benefits of the plant and no pesticides or heavy metals. I also really like that Juna is woman owned and operated.

Juna Balance Dosage

Some CBD tinctures can taste too earthy or dirty for me but Juna BALANCE is absolutely delicious! The taste is clean and slightly lemony. It’s so good, sometimes I add a dropper to club soda for a mocktail or drizzle some on plain yogurt when I’m feeling like an extra boost. But usually I just take a dropperful under the tongue for the quickest results and to make sure I’m getting all the benefits and not wasting anything. After about 10 – 20 minutes I noticed the effects of Juna BALANCE a feeling of increased calm, focus, a nice sense of alertness and most importantly a little distance on whatever problem was bothering me.

juna blance
juna BALANCE – Daily Drops

The packaging is as pretty as the product; it’s simple, sophisticated and looks great hanging out on my desk but is sturdy enough to knock around in my bag without breaking. It also contains all the information I expect from a quality CBD product including milligram amount and number of doses, supplement facts, ingredients and instructions for use.

Juna BALANCE is a women owned, full spectrum CBD product that tastes great, works quickly and has been third party tested. They provide all the information I need to dose correctly and the product is so delicious I look forward to taking my regular morning dose. I highly recommend it!

Visit Juna World for more info, pricing, and to order online.

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